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Dampfer® - Starter Kit Flagship "Dickschiff - eGo"

Dampfer® goes XXL: All hands on deck!
Full steam ahead and maximum striking distance with the Flagship Steamer.

You’ll never run out of steam, because the very best stokers, the most experienced engineers and the most successful shipbuilders are at work here. All together in a handy large-pack cigarette box. A feast for the eyes. There’s a lot to see and often it’s the cargo that’s the most important thing.

So make sure you’re seaworthy and get your ticket for a long, trouble-free steamer voyage!

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Starter Kit Tender
(mobile loding dock)

The supply ship for the Dampfer®!

Every steamer has to replenish its stocks now and again. There are a range of supply ships to avoid having to go into harbor every time. This role is performed by the tenders in our Dampfer® fleet. Full speed ahead, crossing the oceans without wasting time! The Tender offers a berth for two rechargeable batteries and 3 biz. Enough supplies to keep you going until you reach the next safe harbor:  you can charge the Steamer battery to full capacity while on the move.

With normal vapor consumption, the Tender only needs to be charged in the dock once or twice a week (completely charged)

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Starter Kit Tender (mobile loding dock)

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