• Benefits vs. bias

    Ahoy, prospective steamer!

    So now you understand what an electronic cigarette is.
    Of course, now you want to know what it is that makes our "Dampfer" so great. Why should you throw overboard your old fag-ends – that’s the sailors’ word for ciggies – and sign on for one of ours?

    To sum up:

    • Full taste, no cigarette smell
    • Smoking without damaging health and the environment around you
    • No condensate, no tar
    • Up to 40% cheaper
    • No fire risk
    • No nicotine deposits on teeth, fingers etc.
    • No “stale smoke" in clothes, furniture, automobiles etc.
    • No passive smoking

    Smokers are people who enjoy pleasure. That’s why every smoker is also a sailor at heart. Not because they love the sea – or not just for this reason – but above all for their love of enjoyment.
    But this little luxury makes a lot of other people really crazy. You may well have noticed this.
    Cigarettes pollute the atmosphere, they give you cancer, they make you short of breath and they also harm other people around you. Every smoker has heard that in one way or another at least once. And there is also a glimmer of truth in it – right??! If only it wasn’t so much fun.

    And that’s where our "Steamer" comes in.
    You can have the enjoyment. But entirely without the disadvantages.
    That’s electronic smoking.

    A healthy breeze

    Smoking is unhealthy. The main reason is that it involves burning tobacco.
    Burning generates deposits. Tar is just one of the many, harmful by-products. And as every sea dog has known for a long time now, tar is not such a great thing. Tar can now be a thing of the past. We move with the times.
    The "Steamer" involves no burning of any sort. It's just full steam ahead!
    That way we get the nicotine and therefore the enjoyment, without losing the flavor. But we’re dispensing with all of the carcinogenic residues of burning. Electronic smoking is still perhaps not the perfect solution. Of course it would be healthier just to stop smoking. But those who do not want to do that can at least use an electric cigarette to avoid contaminating their airways with tar.

    Fresh vapor instead of smoke

    Actually the smoke is the worst thing about it. Not only is it harmful to health, but it also stinks. And the smell gets into your clothes, your home smells musty and the person sitting next to you finds it less than appealing.
    But the only thing that comes out of an e-cigarette is clean vapor. And that doesn’t disturb anyone. Mates with a keen sense of smell can sometimes get a whiff of the aroma but mostly it remains where it belongs: with you. Exactly like the nicotine.

    No more swabbing the deck.

    If you’ve been paying attention, you’ve surely seen the light. Swabs are what we call seafarers who do the cleaning. If there’s less smoke, you don’t have to clean as much. No more yellow fingers where you’ve held the cigarette. No more yellow stains on the wallpaper in the smoking room.
    You can forget all that because the vapor is clean.

    You don't want to end up as a dead horse!

    A "dead horse" is a sailor who has none of his pay left and works for nothing. We seaman have a name for everything. And you can keep a lot more of your pay in your pocket when you use an e-cigarette. Instead of buying a pack of smokes every day, you can make things go further with our electric cigarettes. Our "Steamer” is a very thrifty lady.
    Just think about what you could do with all that lovely money.

    You can spend it somewhere a little better than the nearest sailor’s dive

    Instead of huddling away with the other smokers in the only dark corner where you’re allowed to light up, you can steam away anywhere you like. There’s no smoke and it doesn’t harm anyone, so it is not prohibited. An e-cigarette can even be enjoyed in places where smoking has long been banned.

    It won’t upset the Capt’n

    Your Capt’n may be your boss or head of department, but chiefs are chiefs. They’re all the same. And they will certainly be happy when you no longer have to walk the whole way to the smokers’ room to light up and come back smelling like smoked eel.
    You aren’t disturbing anyone with the "Steamer" and you can let off steam at your own desk. It’s up to you to negotiate whether you’re allowed to “light up” there more often because you are having shorter breaks.

    No more ash blowing downwind into the sea

    Electronic smoking does not burn anything. That means there is no ash.
    Add up all the times you’ve had to get up to empty the ashtray. It’s not as if a burnt and dirty ashtray looks that nice. You don’t need to worry about that any more with the "Steamer". You can now use your old ashtray as a candy bowl.

    Keeping everything ship-shape

    Take a moment to think about your car. If you’ve every smoked in a car but not wanted to use the expensive ashtray, then you’ll know what the back seat looks like after a certain time.
    And then when you want to buy a new ship, you are going to really kick yourself about every single smoke you lit up on board your old one, because it will cost you money.
    But nobody will ever notice if you have lit up an e-cigarette in the car. No burn marks, no ash and no smell. All you have to do is vacuum the dirt from the foot mats now and again.

    Fire on board

    The fuse is lit. And when there’s smoke or something is burning, glowing, or smoldering, fire can easily spread. But not with the "Steamer"!
    That means your carpet is safe. And your curtains. Your car seats, your mattress and the rest of the house, too. You can only hope it doesn’t put the entire fire department out of work.

    Giving up smoking

    We want to make one thing very clear again: the "Steamer" is an electric cigarette. It is not a means to stop smoking!
    If you no longer want to light up a smoke because you want to stop smoking, you can of course try to stop using our e-cigarette gradually. It’s certainly healthier.
    But we are really talking about electronic smoking. The "Steamer" is an alternative form of enjoyment and a way of providing you with absolute freedom to light up anywhere and at any time.
    You can reduce the amount of nicotine with conventional cigarettes just like you can with the "Steamer". And you can also use our nicotine-free Cabin Boy Biz, to enjoy the flavor and feeling of a smoke in your hand, without inhaling any nicotine.
    But only you can take that step from only a little nicotine to “no nicotine". The "Steamer" can’t do that for you.

    And it is not that we are breaking entirely with tradition

    That is the best thing about our "Steamer". Other e-cigarettes are available. But who wants to suck on a pen?
    The "Steamer" looks like a cigarette. Just like it’s supposed to.
    It tastes like a cigarette, it can be enjoyed like a cigarette, it provides you with nicotine like a cigarettes and it looks like what you are used to.
    The only difference is that it no longer makes you an outsider. And actually that is the biggest benefit of all.

    At first glance, some people may even think you are smoking a normal cigarette. But you can smell the difference. And that’s why with the "Steamer", you no longer have to go out on the balcony, outside the door in the cold or into a room where you don’t care what happens to the wallpaper.

    The "Steamer" is freedom.
    Welcome on board!

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  • Health vs. harmful substances

    The "Dampfer" is a product for smokers and, in our opinion, not a “healthy cigarette” but rather an alternative to enjoying conventional tobacco.
    Our range of goods is therefore primarily aimed at smokers to offer them the option of enjoying cigarettes without the legal restrictions that apply to conventional tobacco goods as the result of the anti-smoking laws.
    The main advantage of the “Dampfer” is that no burning takes place, which means that no smoke is produced. The exhaled end product is an odorless vapor with low traces of nicotine. It is pollutant-free, practically odorless and does not harm or damage the environment.

    Health risks

    “Smoking is a danger to health”.
    This also applies to the “Dampfer”. It is not a “healthy cigarette” as that would imply that it promotes health. It does not do that!
    As an electronic cigarette, the "Dampfer" is simply much less damaging than conventional tobacco cigarettes. Nevertheless the vapor naturally contains nicotine, which is taken up by the body. The dangers of addiction thus remain for the smoker.
    Because an e-cigarette works without any burning, the human body is exposed to significantly fewer harmful substances than is the case with conventional cigarettes. There are no tar products and the quantity of harmful substances is reduced by approximately 90%.
    Over 10,000 substances are released during the burning process of a cigarette, many of which are harmful to human health. Tar, carbon monoxide, benzene, nitrosamines, formaldehyde, prussic acid, arsenic and heavy metals are just some examples of these harmful substances, many of which are strongly carcinogenic.
    During the vaporization process of an electronic cigarettes a liquid is vaporized, the principle ingredient of which is propylene glycol (PG). This food additive is also found in cosmetics and medical preparations and is clearly classified as harmless. In addition the aromas of the e-cigarette are not obtained from the tobacco plant.
    According to a report by Health New Zealand Ltd., electronic cigarettes only contain a 150th of the amount of nitrosamines found in conventional cigarettes. Scientists at the University of California and in the School of Public Health at Boston University confirmed that e-cigarettes are significantly less dangerous to the health of the smoker and their environment in a study published in December 2010 in the renowned specialist magazine "Journal of Public Health Policy”.

    Nevertheless it remains a fact that smoking is damaging to health. The “Dampfer" is simply less damaging to health than conventional cigarettes.

    Passive smoking

    One important reason for the tightening of the smoking laws is the health hazards for passive smokers.
    The tar particles, which transport the harmful substances in the smoke to the lungs, do not make a differentiation between the smoker and persons who are close to the smoker.
    The danger of carcinogenic substances thus also affects the people in the immediate vicinity of a smoker. Above all if there is regular exposure, such as in the case of cohabitation.

    The e-cigarette means that this exposure no longer exists for other people!
    The aromatic, nicotine-containing vapor product of the "Dampfer" deposits its nicotine content primarily in the lung. And also the aromatic substance is consumed almost completely.
    What leaves the mouth when exhaling is almost completely clean vapor, which only contains very low traces of aroma molecules and nicotine. This remaining trace is only rarely perceived as a weak smell and dissipates almost immediately.
    For potential passive smokers, the hazards caused by carcinogenic substances therefore disappear, as does the danger of becoming addicted to nicotine and the unpleasant smell. No toxic substances are emitted.

    Giving up smoking

    We do not consider the "Dampfer" to be a means of giving up smoking.
    The crux of cigarette addition is the body’s addition to nicotine and the vapor product of an electronic cigarettes means that this substance continues to be taken up by the body.
    If you no longer want to light up a smoke because you want to stop smoking, you can of course try to stop using our e-cigarette gradually. It is certainly less damaging to your health. 
    But we are really talking about electronic smoking. The "Dampfer" is an alternative form of enjoyment and a way of providing you with absolute freedom to light up anywhere and at any time. 
    You can reduce the amount of nicotine with conventional cigarettes just like you can with the "Dampfer". And you can also use our nicotine-free Cabin Boy Biz, to enjoy the flavor and feeling of a smoke in your hand, without inhaling any nicotine. 
    But only you can take that step from only a little nicotine to “no nicotine". The "Dampfer" can’t do that for you.
    The "Dampfer" is not a means to stop smoking!

    Discoloration and smell

    A burning process takes place when you smoke a tobacco cigarette, which often leaves a deposit on the fingers and teeth. The main culprit for these deposits is tar, which is generated during the burning process. A clear benefit of the "Dampfer" is that this type of deposit can no longer take place as there is no burning, just a vaporizing process. That means there is no longer any discoloration.

    A further, unpopular side-effect of smoking is the omnipresent smell of smoke.
    It is not only the fact that non-smokers find this smell of stale smoke unpleasant. In enclosed spaces this cold smoke can also continue to transport damaging substances into the lungs, even if there is no cigarette lit at that time.
    As an electronic cigarette simply uses a vaporizing process, there are no longer any unpleasant smells. On rare occasions, the vapor could contain very low traces of aroma particles. These can only barely be perceived and completely dissipate in a very short time.
    The pleasant side-effect is that clothes, which even take on the smell of stale smoke in a closed wardrobe, also stop smelling unpleasant.

  • Logbook and guarantee

    Ahoy Cadet

    There are always a few questions that the Capt'n or boatswain have forgotten when they are giving our new crew members the tour. But luckily, every ship has a logbook. And, of course, that includes the Steamer. And such a logbook is also sure to cover anything that comes to mind. So simply have a look and see if you can find the answer to your question.

    What does an electronic cigarette like the Steamer actually taste like?

    We don’t want to give you too much of a shock, but the Steamer actually tastes like a cigarette.
    Most Cadets are pretty astonished when they “light up” for the first time. They expect it will somehow be completely different and worry that they will be disappointed.
    But our e-cigarette is like a ship. Each one is unique but they all sail the seas and you won’t find any that behave like an airplane.
    Tastes vary of course. Some like a stiff breeze and the other a gentle puff. We can’t promise that the Steamer will be to your taste.

    Some of the guys who have been a part of the crew for quite some time have described the first half dozen or so draws as being quite sweet, the very first time that they “lit up” a Steamer. The Capt'n says it’s the nicotine.
    Conventional cigarettes are perfumed. What you are inhaling is actually not the most delicious grog and the perfume serves to cover it up a little. Without it you notice for the first time what nicotine actually tastes like.
    But you get used to it faster than you get used to smoke in the lungs; and that will have made almost every smoker cough at the start. And almost every member of the crew quickly found it quite pleasant not to have that scratchy feeling in the throat.

    Are electronic cigarettes monitored and what is actually inside them?

    Well, that’s actually quite technical. But it’s good that cadets pay attention to matters like that.
    OK, our Steamer complies with the standards, as the landlubbers call them, and is CE, RoHS and SGS certified. That’s no small thing, because safety is also an important part of seafaring. It’s said that if you look after the ship, you look after the sailor. That’s why we continuously perform random inspections on our Steamers to check that everything is as it should be.
    In the reservoir – the Biz - or the tank if you like, there is propylene glycol, the flavor that provides the cigarette with its taste and nicotine, of course. Don’t worry if you can’t pronounce it the first time round. After all, seafarers are not always that good with words.
    It's just important that you know what’s in it. And that there are none of the ingredients are present in high amounts. This, combined with our random sampling, means it’s fair sailing all the way with our Steamer!

    Why does so little vapor come out of your Steamer?

    Well, you do need to use it properly if you want to get the most enjoyment out of it. But if we don’t show you how, you can’t be expected to know. So pay attention, Sailor.
    You should go easy when you inhale on an e-ciggy. The Steamer is a lady. It should always be treated gently.
    It’s best if you draw on it for around 4 seconds. And you should watch your fingers; the air inlet needs to be free. That is situated between the reservoir and the battery ring.
    Naturally the Biz should not be completely empty. They don’t last forever. And you do need a bit of wind in your sails – meaning a charged battery. And it also has to be put together the right way. Then it’s sure to work properly.

    Why do you get liquid in your mouth when you inhale on your Steamer?

    If that happens, you need to wash your mouth out with soap and water. No, don't worry. It’s normal for sailors to kid around.
    What you actually get in your mouth is the liquid from the reservoir of the Biz. It’s not dangerous but it’s probably still not a good idea to swallow it. If it happens, just rinse your mouth out and wipe your lips. After all, it is not as if it tastes like the finest rum.
    There are several reasons why this could happen:

    • You inhaled too deeply on the electronic cigarette.
      The Steamer isn’t a fully rigged frigate that only responds to a firm hand. Our e-cigarette is a lady. So it’s probably a good idea to inhale gently but also for a little longer.
    • A little liquid has leaked out of the reservoir during transport. This can then end up in your mouth. Even the most modern of ships can also have a leak now and again. But you can simply wipe it away with a paper tissue and it’s fine sailing from there on in.
    • The reservoir has been held at an angle for too long. The best way is to hold the bow of the Steamer – the front of the battery – at a slight downward angle. When the stern – the reservoir – is held at an unfavorable angle for too long, a little liquid may leak out.
    • The battery was already almost empty. That could mean that a little bit too much liquid flowed into the vaporizer. As a result, not all of it has vaporized and that's where we have the problem. But that’s no reason to call the engine room. The vaporizer will survive. When the battery is charged again and the reservoir is wiped down, everything will run smoothly again.

    Is there a guarantee? And what happens if there is a fault?

    Of course, the Steamer also comes with a guarantee. There is 3 months on the wear parts and a whole year for all other pieces.

    If the Steamer is not in full working order, that’s not a good situation of course. In the end, we want happy seafarers and no angry faces.
    We put quite a lot of effort into ensuring the Steamer remains in top technical form. We check everything before it is sent on its journey to you and make every effort to ensure sources of faults are eliminated. But of course, it’s still possible that something can go wrong. The ship's kobold can hit at any time.
    If something is not working, we are there for you. Whatever the problem is, we ask you, among friends, to let us know. You can reach us at any time via the on-board intercom system with an email to: <a href="mailto:" info@dampfer.biz"="">info@dampfer.biz.
    If you need to send something back to us, it's best to return the entire pack. Simply put it in a padded envelope, stick a stamp on it and download the return form from our berth on the Internet. Once you’ve filled it out, we have all the information we will need. To help you, we need your delivery address, a description of the problem and ideally a telephone number so that we don’t have to make you wait for us to get back to you by letter.
    However, it is always a good idea for you to get in touch with us before you send anything back. That makes it quicker, and is also a lot less painful than getting an anchor tattooed on your arm. And we can also fix some problems and apparent defects really easily just on the telephone or via an email. That saves you having to go to the post office. And in the best case it also means you have a perfectly operating Steamer straight away.

    How do you pay and how long do you have to wait for your Steamer?

    Our Steamer is a modern ship. You can choose to pay by credit card, PayPal, advance payment or Moneybookers.com.
    You order will then be shipped by DHL. And they normally need one to two working days – they also work on Saturdays. If you are really in a hurry, you should ideally make your order by midday and use the PayPal or credit card payment method. If everything works properly, you will then receive your goods on the following working day.

    Can you overdose on nicotine when using an e-cigarette like the Steamer?

    You would have to try incredibly hard to make that happen. It is actually almost impossible to do so.
    To fatally overdose on nicotine, an adult non-smoker would have to consume approximately 60 mg. This dose is a lot higher for smokers, whose bodies are used to nicotine.
    The typical sailor of our Steamer consumes approximately 1 to 2 milliliters of the nicotine-containing liquid per day. And there is 24 mg of nicotine per milliliter in the strongest Biz that we offer. Every cabin boy is able to work out that that means 48 mg nicotine over the whole day. Even non-smokers would not be made to walk the plank by that.

    Is propylene glycol actually harmful to health?

    Among seafarers, a clear question gets a clear answer: And the answer is: no.
    Propylene glycol can be found in foodstuffs, where it is called E1520, in syrup, eye drops, medication for allergies and other pharmaceutical products, face, eye and hand creams, pastes, lotions, toothpaste, air fresheners and deodorants.
    That means you have already had contact with propylene glycol every day of your life for many years. Because even sailors clean their teeth every day, even if they have given up solid foods so they can partake of a glass or two more of grog.
    As you are sure to know, medications are put through very strict clinical tests and foodstuffs are certified by our national institutes for hygiene. The same is true of cosmetic products.
    If there were any proof that propylene glycol has harmful effects on the human organism, none of these products would be on the market. It is considered to be well tolerated.
    What you may have heard about – because even to the good ears of an attentive sailor it does not sound so very different – is ethylene-glycol. This is contained in, for example, some coolants and de-icers, even if nowadays many manufacturers have changed over to propylene glycol, because it does not pose any risk if it is accidentally swallowed, unlike ethylene-glycol. 

    Guarantee conditions

    All Dampfer disposable products (double vaporizer, heating element, tank reservoirs, BIZ, rubber caps, etc.) are delivered with a DOA guarantee. DOA stands for: "Dead on arrival” (or defect on arrival, if you like). Perfect functionality of our disposable products on receipt is guaranteed by the seller under this DOA guarantee agreement. If the purchased disposable product is not rejected within the first 24 hours after receipt, further guarantee claims on the part of the purchaser are excluded.

    The Dampfer battery belongs to the wear parts: there is a 3-month guarantee on this. In the case of a fault in these parts despite correct handling, we will immediately provide you with a replacement free of charge.
    All other components of the Dampfer product are covered by our one-year guarantee.
    The legally determined guarantee period of 2 years from the date of purchase is, of course, unaffected and is valid for verifiable product defects that were not apparent at the time of delivery.

    We make every effort at all times to guarantee the best product quality. In the case of wear parts and disposable products, such as the battery and the reservoirs, faults and defects can unfortunately appear during use.
    That’s why we do everything possible to process cases such as these quickly and in an uncomplicated way for our customers.

    If a fault occurs in a component of our product, please get in contact with us at:info@dampfer.biz
    Our experience with our product means we are often able to remedy such problems with a short email or a phone call. This means we are able to avoid wasting time and effort.
    If a return is necessary we have prepared a return form, which should be filled in with all information that is required for us to deal with the problem.
    If a return is necessary, we always require: your name and address, an alternative delivery address for the replacement delivery if applicable, a short description of the problem and a telephone number, as well as a copy of the original invoice.

    A stamped, padded envelope is sufficient for return, with a note containing the required information or ideally a completed return form. Ideally the defective part should be returned in the relevant box.

  • Charging the battery

    Charging the battery

    1. Take the USB charger and rechargeable battery

    2. Screw the battery onto the USB charger

    3. Plug the USB charger into the USB port* of the computer

    4. The LED on the USB charger turns red

    5. Charge as long as the “ember” of the battery remains red The “ember” will extinguish when charging is complete

    * Can also be charged using the adapter in a power socket, etc.

  • Filling instruction for the boiler


  • Disposal

    Instructions in accordance with the Battery Disposal Act

    We would like to inform you that our electronic cigarettes, the accessories and the batteries are sold in compliance with the regulations.

    The trademark Dampfer is registered under the WEEE-REG. No. DE 75602682.

    As we sell batteries, rechargeable batteries and devices containing batteries and rechargeable batteries, we are required by the Battery Disposal Act (BattG), to inform you of the following: Batteries and rechargeable batteries may not be disposed of in the household trash and you are legally obliged to return used batteries.
    Old batteries may contain contaminants that could harm the environment or your health if they are not correctly stored or disposed of. However batteries also contain important raw materials, such as iron, zinc, manganese and nickel, and can be recycled.
    After use, you can either send the batteries back to us or hand them over without charge to local collection points (e.g. in shops or at local authority collection sites). Handing in of batteries for recycling at sales locations is restricted to the normal amounts for end users and to those batteries which the seller stocks or used to stock as new batteries. These symbol of the trash can with a cross through it means that you may not dispose of the batteries or rechargeable batteries with the household trash.

  • Health warning

    The "Dampfer" is an electronic cigarette for smokers.
    It is not a product to help you stop smoking but rather an enjoyable alternative to conventional tobacco cigarettes.

    Smoking is a danger to health.

    This also applies to electric cigarettes.
    The reservoirs used with the “Dampfer” contain nicotine (with the exception of the nicotine-free products “0 mg”).

    Danger of poisoning

    Nicotine is a neurotoxin. The liquid in the nicotine reservoirs of the “Dampfer” contain nicotine and may not be swallowed or consumed in any way other than as vapor. The consumption of nicotine – in particular over a longer period of time – leads to very serious damage to health.
    The inhalation of the nicotine from the reservoir when not in a vaporized form can lead to health damage. Unprotected contact with the skin can result in irritation or, in exceptional cases, in an allergic reaction.

    Hazards to health

    Nicotine can damage the heart/circulatory system. Consult a doctor before using an electric cigarette if you have a preexisting condition affecting the heart/circulatory system.
    In addition, we advise against using our e-cigarette if you suffer from diabetes or asthma or regularly take antidepressants because of the associated risks.

    Risk of addiction

    Nicotine is an addictive drug. We strongly advise non-smokers not to use our “Dampfer” e-cigarette. Under certain conditions it could act as a “gateway drug”.
    Nicotine dependence is a serious addiction and in general we urge all smokers to stop smoking.

    Other risks

    Nicotine can affect your general physical condition and even your behavior. Our electronic cigarette is not suitable for minors (under 18 years of age), pregnant women or mothers who are breast feeding.
    Nicotine can affect the development of children and can be passed on to unborn children or through breast milk to babies. It can cause birth defects and have a negative effect on fertility.


    The nicotine reservoirs may still contain traces of the liquid after use and should be disposed of safely. We recommend disposal in a plastic covering to avoid accidental contact with children or pets.

    Children’s safety

    Nicotine is a neurotoxin! This makes it particularly dangerous for children. All parts of the Starter Kit and all nicotine reservoirs should always be stored out of the reach of children.
    Consuming nicotine is many times more dangerous for children than it is for adults! Children are not able to decide if something is good for them or not and they do not hesitate to put things in their mouth. When designing our packs, we avoid using any obviously appetizing images. However, this does not represent sufficient protection against the curiosity of small children.
    We therefore wish to point out the importance of safe storage.

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    Stationsplein 8 K
    NL-6221 BT Maastricht

    telephone: +31 43 201 06 50
    telefax: +31 43 201 06 38

    e-mail: info@dampfer.biz
    Internet: www.dampfer.biz

    This imprint is also valid for the Facebook page http://facebook.com/dampfer

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    The delivery company will only hand over the ordered goods on payment of the full amount in cash. Please therefore ensure you have the correct amount to hand to avoid any problems with change.


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    - 15,72 EUR for FedEx International priority (Delivery next day)

    Free delivery:

    Free delivery from an order value of 75 Euro.


    Shipping to other countries is possible.
    Just contact us before placing your order.

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    We at Dampfer.biz take the protection of your personal data very seriously and strictly adhere to the data protection regulations. This website only collects personal data to the extent that is technically necessary. Under no circumstances will the collected data be sold or passed on to third parties for any other reason.  The following policy statement is intended to provide you with an overview of the way in which we guarantee this protection and the type of data we collect for what purpose.

    Data processing on this Internet site

    Dampfer.biz collects and automatically saves in its servers' log files information sent from your browser. This comprises:

    • type/version of browser
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    • time of the server request

    Dampfer.biz is not able to assign this information to a specific person. This data is not combined with other data sources and the data is deleted following a statistical evaluation.

    Right of access to information

    At all times you have the right to access information regarding your stored personal data, its origin and recipient and the purpose of its storage.  Further information Your trust is important to us. That is why we are always here to answer any questions you may have concerning the processing of your personal data. If you have any questions that are not answered by this data protection policy or you require more detailed information on any points, please get in contact with us.

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    1.2. The following General Terms and Conditions apply exclusively to the sale of goods by us. Other terms and conditions only apply insofar as we have agreed to them in writing.

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    1.2. By clicking on the “Submit order” button in the last step of the order process, the customer places a binding offer for the conclusion of a sales contract for the goods contained in the shopping basket.

    1.3. After the order has been placed, the customer receives an automatic confirmation of the order by email. The order confirmation does not constitute an acceptance of the offer but merely documents that the order has been received by us.

    1.4. After the order has been received, we check the availability of the ordered goods. If one or more items of the goods ordered by the customer are not available at the time of ordering, we reserve the right to choose either to send an incomplete order or to reject the order completely. The customer will be informed of this.

    1.5. Acceptance of the offer takes place through a separate order confirmation by email or by delivery of the goods. The customer is informed by email that the goods have been dispatched.

    1.6. We have the option of not accepting an order. We are not bound to conclude a sales contract on the basis of the customer’s order. If an order is not carried out, we will inform the customer of this.

    1.7. Per order, only one coupon can be redeemed. Vouchers from different actions are not cumulative and can not be combined.

    §3 Terms of payment

    1.1. The prices quoted in the online shop at the time of ordering are valid. These are quoted in euros and include the relevant statutory sales tax.

    1.2. Payment of the goods may take place by credit card, advance payment, cash on delivery or via the online systems of PayPal, Click&Buy, sofortuberweisung.de or Klarna Account. We reserve the right to exclude certain forms of payment on completion of a credit rating check.

    1.3. The purchase price is payable at the time of the conclusion of the contract.

    1.4. When payment is made by cash on delivery, the invoice amount is payable in cash to the deliverer on receipt of the goods. When payment is made by cash on delivery, a handling fee is payable, in addition to the cost of the goods  – see delivery and shipping costs. This will be included in the invoice amount. In addition to this, a cash-on-delivery fee of – see delivery and shipping costs – must be paid directly to the deliverer. If the goods are returned, the cash-on-delivery charges will not be reimbursed.

    1.5. In the case of advance payment, the customer transfers the complete invoice amount in advance to the following account:

    Bank: Sparkasse Ulm
    Account: 211 693 91
    Bank code: 630 500 00
    IBAN: DE46630500000021169391


    Bank: ING Bank N. V.
    Account: 6046037
    IBAN:  NL05INGB0006046037

    The goods are dispatched immediately on receipt of payment.

    1.6. The customer is in default if the purchase price is not paid within 30 days of the payment due date.   In this case we reserve the right to charge reminder fees of EUR 2.50  (max. EUR 5). The customer retains the right to demonstrate that we have incurred lower costs or no costs have at all for the reminder notice. Further compensation claims and claims for interest on default payments remain unaffected.

    1.7. Payment by Klarna Account and Klarna Installment Account In cooperation with Klarna, we offer you the options of purchase on account and the Klarna financial service of installment purchase. When paying with Klarna you never have to provide your account information and you only pay when you have received the goods. When making payment with the Klarna Invoice or Klarna Account options, it is not possible to make deliveries if the billing address differs from the delivery address. We ask for your understanding in this respect. Klarna Account
    When making purchases using Klarna Account, you always receive the goods first and always have a deadline for payment of 14 days. Further information and Klarna’s full terms and conditions for making purchased on account can be found here Klarna Installment Account
    When using the financial service Klarna Installment Account, you also receive the goods first. All your purchases will then be included together on one invoice at the end of the next month. You can then pay this invoice in flexible installments, or pay the entire amount at any time. You can find further information on the financial service Klarna Installment Account here. You can download the full terms and conditions of Klarna’s Installment Account here. Klarna checks and evaluates the information provided by the consumer and will exchange data with other businesses and credit agencies (credit check) where there is a legitimate cause. If the creditworthiness of a consumer cannot be guaranteed, Klarna AD may refuse the customer’s choice of Klarna payment and must advise them of alternative payment options. Your personal information will be handled in compliance with the Data Protection Act and will not be passed on to third parties for advertising purposes. You can find out more about Klarna’s data protection regulations here.
    For more information on Klarna go to www.klarna.de
    Klarna AB, company and corporate number: 556737-0431

    §4 Shipping costs

    1.1. The flat rate for delivery within Germany is – see delivery and shipping costs.

    1.2. For deliveries within Europe we charge a shipping fee of – see delivery and shipping costs.

    1.3. The delivery time for delivery within Germany is normally 3-5 working days from the time the order was placed.

    §5 Reservation of title

    1.1. The goods remain our property until payment in full has been made.

    §6 Cancellation policy

    Right of cancellation

    1.1. The customer may withdraw their declaration of intent for the conclusion of the contract within two weeks in writing (e.g. letter, fax, e-mail) without giving reasons, or – if the article is delivered to the customer prior to the expiry of this period – by returning the goods. This period begins on receipt of these instructions in written form, however not before the customer receives the goods and not before the fulfillment of our information obligation according to § 312 c, para. 2 BGB in conjunction with  § 1, para. 2 and 4 BGB-InfoV (German Civil Code - Freedom Of Information Regulation).

    1.2. To comply with the cancellation deadline, it is sufficient to send the cancellation or return the goods within the time limit. Please send the cancellation to:

    Stationsplein 8 K
    6221 BT  Maastricht

    Telephone: +31 43 201 06 50
    Fax: +31 43 201 06 38

    Effects of cancellation

    1.3. In the case of a valid cancellation, a mutual return of received services and of any received benefits (e.g. interest), if applicable, shall take place. If the customer is unable to return the services received in their entirety, or can only return a part of these, or only in deteriorated condition, they may be obliged to pay compensation for the loss of value.  This will not be the case if the deterioration has arisen solely through the customer examining the goods – as would be possible, for example, in an ordinary shop.  Moreover, the customer can also avoid the obligation to pay compensation for loss of value due to deterioration by not treating the goods as his/her own property and avoiding anything that could lead to a reduction in value.  

    1.4. Return of the goods takes place at our risk.

    1.5. Inasmuch as the delivered goods correspond with the ordered goods, the customer is liable for the costs of the return if the price of the returned goods does not exceed EUR 40.00, or if the goods have a higher price and the customer has not yet made payment in part or in full within the time of the cancellation. In other cases the return is free of charge for the customer.

    1.6. Obligations to refund payments must be met within 30 days. The deadline for the customer begins with the sending of the cancellation policy or goods and for us with the receipt of these.

    Other notes

    1.7. There is no right of cancellation for goods that have been produced according to individual customer specifications or made especially according to the customer’s personal requirements.

    §7 Guarantee and liability for damages

    1.1. Unless otherwise been expressly agreed, the statutory guarantee regulations apply. All details regarding the goods constitute quality specifications and are not a guarantee.

    1.2. We have unlimited liability for damages insofar as the cause of damage is willful or due to gross negligence.

    1.3. We are liable in the case of slight negligence where there has been violation of essential contractual obligations that endangers the attainment of the contract purpose, or of obligations that are required for the proper execution of the contract in the first place and on the fulfillment of which  the customer regularly relies. However, in these cases we are only liable for the foreseeable damage typical of this type of contract.

    1.4. The aforementioned limitation of liability does not apply in cases of damage to life, limb or health.

    1.5. Any liability beyond the aforementioned regulations is excluded.

    1.6. Inasmuch as our liability is excluded or limited, this also applies to the personal liability of our institutions and vicarious agents.

    1.7. Liability within the scope of the Product Liability Act remains unaffected.

    §8 Copyright and trademarks

    1.1. Our website and its entire contents, in particular text, photos, images, graphics, sounds, illustrations and software, and all trademarks are protected against unauthorized use by industrial property rights, in particular copyright, name and image rights and trademark rights. Any other use outside our website is prohibited without our written permission.

    §9 Data protection

    1.1. Data processing takes place in compliance with the relevant statutory provisions of the German Federal Data Protection ACT (BDSG) and the Telemedia Act (TMG). All personal data is treated as strictly confidential and legitimate interests are strictly observed in accordance with the legal specifications.

    1.2. Data required for business transactions is stored and is passed on only within the scope of order processing to associated companies or service partners who work as our commissioned data processors in accordance with the Federal Data Protection Act.

    §10 Applicable law

    1.1. The contracts based on these General Terms and Conditions are subject to the law of the Federal Republic of Germany. The application of the UN Convention on the International Sale of Goods (CISG) is excluded.

    §11 Severability clause

    1.1. If individual provisions of these General Terms and Conditions are or become invalid, the validity of the remaining provisions remains unaffected by this.

  • Right of cancellation

    You can withdraw your declaration of intent for the conclusion of the contract within the statutory term of 14 days in writing (e.g. letter, fax, email) without giving reasons or by returning the goods. At the earliest, this period commences one day after the separate cancellation policy has been received in text form by the customer. To comply with the cancellation period, it is sufficient to send the notice of cancellation or return the goods within the deadline.

    For reasons of hygiene, opened goods are excluded from cancellation or return!

    Please send your cancellation to:

    Support Germany
    Robert-Bosch-Strasse 3
    89155 Erbach

    Effects of cancellation

    In the case of a valid cancellation there must be a mutual return of received services and of any received benefits (e.g. interest) if applicable.

    If you are unable to return the received services in their entirety, or can only return a part of these, or only in a deteriorated condition, you may be obliged to pay compensation for the loss of value.  This will not be the case if the deterioration has arisen solely as a result of examining the goods – as would be possible, for example, in an ordinary shop.  Moreover, you can also avoid the obligation of compensation for loss of value by not treating the goods as your own property and avoiding anything that could lead to a reduction in value.
    Inasmuch as the delivered goods correspond with the ordered goods, you are liable for the costs of the return if the price of the returned goods does not exceed EUR 40.00, or if the goods have a higher price and you have not yet paid in full or made a contractually agreed part payment at the time of cancellation. In other cases the return is free of charge for you. In this case please request a return form.

    Objects that can be sent as a package should be posted back. Objects that cannot be sent as a package will be collected from you.

    You must meet the obligation to refund payments within 30 days of sending the cancellation policy.
    End of the cancellation policy.

    14deAdditional informationAdditional information

    Shipping costs for goods over 31.5 kg must be calculated separately. Please inquire beforehand.

    Shipping costs for goods outside the listed zones must be calculated separately. Please inquire beforehand.

    1. The days quoted are standard delivery times in working days. Country-specific delays may occur (e.g. customs, islands).
    2. The following countries/areas are only serviced using air freight: Andorra (AD), Gibraltar (GI), Canary Islands (IC), Ceuta (ES), Melilla (ES) and San Marino (SM).
    3. The Netherlands and France excluding overseas territories, Denmark, excluding Greenland (GL) and the Faroe Islands (FO), Serbia excluding Kosovo, Italy including the Vatican City (VA).
    4. Island surcharges apply to the British Isles, Northern Ireland, the Isle of Man (IM), Guernsey (GG) and Jersey (JE).
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