Ahoy Cadet

There are always a few questions that the Capt'n or boatswain have forgotten when they are giving our new crew members the tour. But luckily, every ship has a logbook. And, of course, that includes the Steamer. And such a logbook is also sure to cover anything that comes to mind. So simply have a look and see if you can find the answer to your question.

What does an electronic cigarette like the Steamer actually taste like?

We don’t want to give you too much of a shock, but the Steamer actually tastes like a cigarette.
Most Cadets are pretty astonished when they “light up” for the first time. They expect it will somehow be completely different and worry that they will be disappointed.
But our e-cigarette is like a ship. Each one is unique but they all sail the seas and you won’t find any that behave like an airplane.
Tastes vary of course. Some like a stiff breeze and the other a gentle puff. We can’t promise that the Steamer will be to your taste.

Some of the guys who have been a part of the crew for quite some time have described the first half dozen or so draws as being quite sweet, the very first time that they “lit up” a Steamer. The Capt'n says it’s the nicotine.
Conventional cigarettes are perfumed. What you are inhaling is actually not the most delicious grog and the perfume serves to cover it up a little. Without it you notice for the first time what nicotine actually tastes like.
But you get used to it faster than you get used to smoke in the lungs; and that will have made almost every smoker cough at the start. And almost every member of the crew quickly found it quite pleasant not to have that scratchy feeling in the throat.

Are electronic cigarettes monitored and what is actually inside them?

Well, that’s actually quite technical. But it’s good that cadets pay attention to matters like that.
OK, our Steamer complies with the standards, as the landlubbers call them, and is CE, RoHS and SGS certified. That’s no small thing, because safety is also an important part of seafaring. It’s said that if you look after the ship, you look after the sailor. That’s why we continuously perform random inspections on our Steamers to check that everything is as it should be.
In the reservoir – the Biz - or the tank if you like, there is propylene glycol, the flavor that provides the cigarette with its taste and nicotine, of course. Don’t worry if you can’t pronounce it the first time round. After all, seafarers are not always that good with words.
It's just important that you know what’s in it. And that there are none of the ingredients are present in high amounts. This, combined with our random sampling, means it’s fair sailing all the way with our Steamer!

Why does so little vapor come out of your Steamer?

Well, you do need to use it properly if you want to get the most enjoyment out of it. But if we don’t show you how, you can’t be expected to know. So pay attention, Sailor.
You should go easy when you inhale on an e-ciggy. The Steamer is a lady. It should always be treated gently.
It’s best if you draw on it for around 4 seconds. And you should watch your fingers; the air inlet needs to be free. That is situated between the reservoir and the battery ring.
Naturally the Biz should not be completely empty. They don’t last forever. And you do need a bit of wind in your sails – meaning a charged battery. And it also has to be put together the right way. Then it’s sure to work properly.

Why do you get liquid in your mouth when you inhale on your Steamer?

If that happens, you need to wash your mouth out with soap and water. No, don't worry. It’s normal for sailors to kid around.
What you actually get in your mouth is the liquid from the reservoir of the Biz. It’s not dangerous but it’s probably still not a good idea to swallow it. If it happens, just rinse your mouth out and wipe your lips. After all, it is not as if it tastes like the finest rum.
There are several reasons why this could happen:

  • You inhaled too deeply on the electronic cigarette.
    The Steamer isn’t a fully rigged frigate that only responds to a firm hand. Our e-cigarette is a lady. So it’s probably a good idea to inhale gently but also for a little longer.
  • A little liquid has leaked out of the reservoir during transport. This can then end up in your mouth. Even the most modern of ships can also have a leak now and again. But you can simply wipe it away with a paper tissue and it’s fine sailing from there on in.
  • The reservoir has been held at an angle for too long. The best way is to hold the bow of the Steamer – the front of the battery – at a slight downward angle. When the stern – the reservoir – is held at an unfavorable angle for too long, a little liquid may leak out.
  • The battery was already almost empty. That could mean that a little bit too much liquid flowed into the vaporizer. As a result, not all of it has vaporized and that's where we have the problem. But that’s no reason to call the engine room. The vaporizer will survive. When the battery is charged again and the reservoir is wiped down, everything will run smoothly again.

Is there a guarantee? And what happens if there is a fault?

Of course, the Steamer also comes with a guarantee. There is 3 months on the wear parts and a whole year for all other pieces.

If the Steamer is not in full working order, that’s not a good situation of course. In the end, we want happy seafarers and no angry faces.
We put quite a lot of effort into ensuring the Steamer remains in top technical form. We check everything before it is sent on its journey to you and make every effort to ensure sources of faults are eliminated. But of course, it’s still possible that something can go wrong. The ship's kobold can hit at any time.
If something is not working, we are there for you. Whatever the problem is, we ask you, among friends, to let us know. You can reach us at any time via the on-board intercom system with an email to: <a href="mailto:" info@dampfer.biz"="">info@dampfer.biz.
If you need to send something back to us, it's best to return the entire pack. Simply put it in a padded envelope, stick a stamp on it and download the return form from our berth on the Internet. Once you’ve filled it out, we have all the information we will need. To help you, we need your delivery address, a description of the problem and ideally a telephone number so that we don’t have to make you wait for us to get back to you by letter.
However, it is always a good idea for you to get in touch with us before you send anything back. That makes it quicker, and is also a lot less painful than getting an anchor tattooed on your arm. And we can also fix some problems and apparent defects really easily just on the telephone or via an email. That saves you having to go to the post office. And in the best case it also means you have a perfectly operating Steamer straight away.

How do you pay and how long do you have to wait for your Steamer?

Our Steamer is a modern ship. You can choose to pay by credit card, PayPal, advance payment or Moneybookers.com.
You order will then be shipped by DHL. And they normally need one to two working days – they also work on Saturdays. If you are really in a hurry, you should ideally make your order by midday and use the PayPal or credit card payment method. If everything works properly, you will then receive your goods on the following working day.

Can you overdose on nicotine when using an e-cigarette like the Steamer?

You would have to try incredibly hard to make that happen. It is actually almost impossible to do so.
To fatally overdose on nicotine, an adult non-smoker would have to consume approximately 60 mg. This dose is a lot higher for smokers, whose bodies are used to nicotine.
The typical sailor of our Steamer consumes approximately 1 to 2 milliliters of the nicotine-containing liquid per day. And there is 24 mg of nicotine per milliliter in the strongest Biz that we offer. Every cabin boy is able to work out that that means 48 mg nicotine over the whole day. Even non-smokers would not be made to walk the plank by that.

Is propylene glycol actually harmful to health?

Among seafarers, a clear question gets a clear answer: And the answer is: no.
Propylene glycol can be found in foodstuffs, where it is called E1520, in syrup, eye drops, medication for allergies and other pharmaceutical products, face, eye and hand creams, pastes, lotions, toothpaste, air fresheners and deodorants.
That means you have already had contact with propylene glycol every day of your life for many years. Because even sailors clean their teeth every day, even if they have given up solid foods so they can partake of a glass or two more of grog.
As you are sure to know, medications are put through very strict clinical tests and foodstuffs are certified by our national institutes for hygiene. The same is true of cosmetic products.
If there were any proof that propylene glycol has harmful effects on the human organism, none of these products would be on the market. It is considered to be well tolerated.
What you may have heard about – because even to the good ears of an attentive sailor it does not sound so very different – is ethylene-glycol. This is contained in, for example, some coolants and de-icers, even if nowadays many manufacturers have changed over to propylene glycol, because it does not pose any risk if it is accidentally swallowed, unlike ethylene-glycol. 

Guarantee conditions

All Dampfer disposable products (double vaporizer, heating element, tank reservoirs, BIZ, rubber caps, etc.) are delivered with a DOA guarantee. DOA stands for: "Dead on arrival” (or defect on arrival, if you like). Perfect functionality of our disposable products on receipt is guaranteed by the seller under this DOA guarantee agreement. If the purchased disposable product is not rejected within the first 24 hours after receipt, further guarantee claims on the part of the purchaser are excluded.

The Dampfer battery belongs to the wear parts: there is a 3-month guarantee on this. In the case of a fault in these parts despite correct handling, we will immediately provide you with a replacement free of charge.
All other components of the Dampfer product are covered by our one-year guarantee.
The legally determined guarantee period of 2 years from the date of purchase is, of course, unaffected and is valid for verifiable product defects that were not apparent at the time of delivery.

We make every effort at all times to guarantee the best product quality. In the case of wear parts and disposable products, such as the battery and the reservoirs, faults and defects can unfortunately appear during use.
That’s why we do everything possible to process cases such as these quickly and in an uncomplicated way for our customers.

If a fault occurs in a component of our product, please get in contact with us at:info@dampfer.biz
Our experience with our product means we are often able to remedy such problems with a short email or a phone call. This means we are able to avoid wasting time and effort.
If a return is necessary we have prepared a return form, which should be filled in with all information that is required for us to deal with the problem.
If a return is necessary, we always require: your name and address, an alternative delivery address for the replacement delivery if applicable, a short description of the problem and a telephone number, as well as a copy of the original invoice.

A stamped, padded envelope is sufficient for return, with a note containing the required information or ideally a completed return form. Ideally the defective part should be returned in the relevant box.