The "Dampfer" is a product for smokers and, in our opinion, not a “healthy cigarette” but rather an alternative to enjoying conventional tobacco.
Our range of goods is therefore primarily aimed at smokers to offer them the option of enjoying cigarettes without the legal restrictions that apply to conventional tobacco goods as the result of the anti-smoking laws.
The main advantage of the “Dampfer” is that no burning takes place, which means that no smoke is produced. The exhaled end product is an odorless vapor with low traces of nicotine. It is pollutant-free, practically odorless and does not harm or damage the environment.

Health risks

“Smoking is a danger to health”.
This also applies to the “Dampfer”. It is not a “healthy cigarette” as that would imply that it promotes health. It does not do that!
As an electronic cigarette, the "Dampfer" is simply much less damaging than conventional tobacco cigarettes. Nevertheless the vapor naturally contains nicotine, which is taken up by the body. The dangers of addiction thus remain for the smoker.
Because an e-cigarette works without any burning, the human body is exposed to significantly fewer harmful substances than is the case with conventional cigarettes. There are no tar products and the quantity of harmful substances is reduced by approximately 90%.
Over 10,000 substances are released during the burning process of a cigarette, many of which are harmful to human health. Tar, carbon monoxide, benzene, nitrosamines, formaldehyde, prussic acid, arsenic and heavy metals are just some examples of these harmful substances, many of which are strongly carcinogenic.
During the vaporization process of an electronic cigarettes a liquid is vaporized, the principle ingredient of which is propylene glycol (PG). This food additive is also found in cosmetics and medical preparations and is clearly classified as harmless. In addition the aromas of the e-cigarette are not obtained from the tobacco plant.
According to a report by Health New Zealand Ltd., electronic cigarettes only contain a 150th of the amount of nitrosamines found in conventional cigarettes. Scientists at the University of California and in the School of Public Health at Boston University confirmed that e-cigarettes are significantly less dangerous to the health of the smoker and their environment in a study published in December 2010 in the renowned specialist magazine "Journal of Public Health Policy”.

Nevertheless it remains a fact that smoking is damaging to health. The “Dampfer" is simply less damaging to health than conventional cigarettes.

Passive smoking

One important reason for the tightening of the smoking laws is the health hazards for passive smokers.
The tar particles, which transport the harmful substances in the smoke to the lungs, do not make a differentiation between the smoker and persons who are close to the smoker.
The danger of carcinogenic substances thus also affects the people in the immediate vicinity of a smoker. Above all if there is regular exposure, such as in the case of cohabitation.

The e-cigarette means that this exposure no longer exists for other people!
The aromatic, nicotine-containing vapor product of the "Dampfer" deposits its nicotine content primarily in the lung. And also the aromatic substance is consumed almost completely.
What leaves the mouth when exhaling is almost completely clean vapor, which only contains very low traces of aroma molecules and nicotine. This remaining trace is only rarely perceived as a weak smell and dissipates almost immediately.
For potential passive smokers, the hazards caused by carcinogenic substances therefore disappear, as does the danger of becoming addicted to nicotine and the unpleasant smell. No toxic substances are emitted.

Giving up smoking

We do not consider the "Dampfer" to be a means of giving up smoking.
The crux of cigarette addition is the body’s addition to nicotine and the vapor product of an electronic cigarettes means that this substance continues to be taken up by the body.
If you no longer want to light up a smoke because you want to stop smoking, you can of course try to stop using our e-cigarette gradually. It is certainly less damaging to your health. 
But we are really talking about electronic smoking. The "Dampfer" is an alternative form of enjoyment and a way of providing you with absolute freedom to light up anywhere and at any time. 
You can reduce the amount of nicotine with conventional cigarettes just like you can with the "Dampfer". And you can also use our nicotine-free Cabin Boy Biz, to enjoy the flavor and feeling of a smoke in your hand, without inhaling any nicotine. 
But only you can take that step from only a little nicotine to “no nicotine". The "Dampfer" can’t do that for you.
The "Dampfer" is not a means to stop smoking!

Discoloration and smell

A burning process takes place when you smoke a tobacco cigarette, which often leaves a deposit on the fingers and teeth. The main culprit for these deposits is tar, which is generated during the burning process. A clear benefit of the "Dampfer" is that this type of deposit can no longer take place as there is no burning, just a vaporizing process. That means there is no longer any discoloration.

A further, unpopular side-effect of smoking is the omnipresent smell of smoke.
It is not only the fact that non-smokers find this smell of stale smoke unpleasant. In enclosed spaces this cold smoke can also continue to transport damaging substances into the lungs, even if there is no cigarette lit at that time.
As an electronic cigarette simply uses a vaporizing process, there are no longer any unpleasant smells. On rare occasions, the vapor could contain very low traces of aroma particles. These can only barely be perceived and completely dissipate in a very short time.
The pleasant side-effect is that clothes, which even take on the smell of stale smoke in a closed wardrobe, also stop smelling unpleasant.