Ahoy, prospective steamer!

So now you understand what an electronic cigarette is.
Of course, now you want to know what it is that makes our "Dampfer" so great. Why should you throw overboard your old fag-ends – that’s the sailors’ word for ciggies – and sign on for one of ours?

To sum up:

  • Full taste, no cigarette smell
  • Smoking without damaging health and the environment around you
  • No condensate, no tar
  • Up to 40% cheaper
  • No fire risk
  • No nicotine deposits on teeth, fingers etc.
  • No “stale smoke" in clothes, furniture, automobiles etc.
  • No passive smoking

Smokers are people who enjoy pleasure. That’s why every smoker is also a sailor at heart. Not because they love the sea – or not just for this reason – but above all for their love of enjoyment.
But this little luxury makes a lot of other people really crazy. You may well have noticed this.
Cigarettes pollute the atmosphere, they give you cancer, they make you short of breath and they also harm other people around you. Every smoker has heard that in one way or another at least once. And there is also a glimmer of truth in it – right??! If only it wasn’t so much fun.

And that’s where our "Steamer" comes in.
You can have the enjoyment. But entirely without the disadvantages.
That’s electronic smoking.

A healthy breeze

Smoking is unhealthy. The main reason is that it involves burning tobacco.
Burning generates deposits. Tar is just one of the many, harmful by-products. And as every sea dog has known for a long time now, tar is not such a great thing. Tar can now be a thing of the past. We move with the times.
The "Steamer" involves no burning of any sort. It's just full steam ahead!
That way we get the nicotine and therefore the enjoyment, without losing the flavor. But we’re dispensing with all of the carcinogenic residues of burning. Electronic smoking is still perhaps not the perfect solution. Of course it would be healthier just to stop smoking. But those who do not want to do that can at least use an electric cigarette to avoid contaminating their airways with tar.

Fresh vapor instead of smoke

Actually the smoke is the worst thing about it. Not only is it harmful to health, but it also stinks. And the smell gets into your clothes, your home smells musty and the person sitting next to you finds it less than appealing.
But the only thing that comes out of an e-cigarette is clean vapor. And that doesn’t disturb anyone. Mates with a keen sense of smell can sometimes get a whiff of the aroma but mostly it remains where it belongs: with you. Exactly like the nicotine.

No more swabbing the deck.

If you’ve been paying attention, you’ve surely seen the light. Swabs are what we call seafarers who do the cleaning. If there’s less smoke, you don’t have to clean as much. No more yellow fingers where you’ve held the cigarette. No more yellow stains on the wallpaper in the smoking room.
You can forget all that because the vapor is clean.

You don't want to end up as a dead horse!

A "dead horse" is a sailor who has none of his pay left and works for nothing. We seaman have a name for everything. And you can keep a lot more of your pay in your pocket when you use an e-cigarette. Instead of buying a pack of smokes every day, you can make things go further with our electric cigarettes. Our "Steamer” is a very thrifty lady.
Just think about what you could do with all that lovely money.

You can spend it somewhere a little better than the nearest sailor’s dive

Instead of huddling away with the other smokers in the only dark corner where you’re allowed to light up, you can steam away anywhere you like. There’s no smoke and it doesn’t harm anyone, so it is not prohibited. An e-cigarette can even be enjoyed in places where smoking has long been banned.

It won’t upset the Capt’n

Your Capt’n may be your boss or head of department, but chiefs are chiefs. They’re all the same. And they will certainly be happy when you no longer have to walk the whole way to the smokers’ room to light up and come back smelling like smoked eel.
You aren’t disturbing anyone with the "Steamer" and you can let off steam at your own desk. It’s up to you to negotiate whether you’re allowed to “light up” there more often because you are having shorter breaks.

No more ash blowing downwind into the sea

Electronic smoking does not burn anything. That means there is no ash.
Add up all the times you’ve had to get up to empty the ashtray. It’s not as if a burnt and dirty ashtray looks that nice. You don’t need to worry about that any more with the "Steamer". You can now use your old ashtray as a candy bowl.

Keeping everything ship-shape

Take a moment to think about your car. If you’ve every smoked in a car but not wanted to use the expensive ashtray, then you’ll know what the back seat looks like after a certain time.
And then when you want to buy a new ship, you are going to really kick yourself about every single smoke you lit up on board your old one, because it will cost you money.
But nobody will ever notice if you have lit up an e-cigarette in the car. No burn marks, no ash and no smell. All you have to do is vacuum the dirt from the foot mats now and again.

Fire on board

The fuse is lit. And when there’s smoke or something is burning, glowing, or smoldering, fire can easily spread. But not with the "Steamer"!
That means your carpet is safe. And your curtains. Your car seats, your mattress and the rest of the house, too. You can only hope it doesn’t put the entire fire department out of work.

Giving up smoking

We want to make one thing very clear again: the "Steamer" is an electric cigarette. It is not a means to stop smoking!
If you no longer want to light up a smoke because you want to stop smoking, you can of course try to stop using our e-cigarette gradually. It’s certainly healthier.
But we are really talking about electronic smoking. The "Steamer" is an alternative form of enjoyment and a way of providing you with absolute freedom to light up anywhere and at any time.
You can reduce the amount of nicotine with conventional cigarettes just like you can with the "Steamer". And you can also use our nicotine-free Cabin Boy Biz, to enjoy the flavor and feeling of a smoke in your hand, without inhaling any nicotine.
But only you can take that step from only a little nicotine to “no nicotine". The "Steamer" can’t do that for you.

And it is not that we are breaking entirely with tradition

That is the best thing about our "Steamer". Other e-cigarettes are available. But who wants to suck on a pen?
The "Steamer" looks like a cigarette. Just like it’s supposed to.
It tastes like a cigarette, it can be enjoyed like a cigarette, it provides you with nicotine like a cigarettes and it looks like what you are used to.
The only difference is that it no longer makes you an outsider. And actually that is the biggest benefit of all.

At first glance, some people may even think you are smoking a normal cigarette. But you can smell the difference. And that’s why with the "Steamer", you no longer have to go out on the balcony, outside the door in the cold or into a room where you don’t care what happens to the wallpaper.

The "Steamer" is freedom.
Welcome on board!